Free Agent Payment

Free up your Sunday afternoons and stretch those limbs, its time for the Fall season! Meet new people and take part in making ball hockey history by joining a team of guys just like you and take it to the championship!

Game Info

Mens 17+ league starts Sunday, September 8th.
Up to 13 Games (10 games + knockout playoffs)
Sunday games between 3:30pm and 8:30pm.
John Braithwaite Community Center (JBCC Gym).



Help grow this league!  We give you $15 for every new full-season referral. Simply email us for your referral after all fees are settled.


Did You Know?

You can help keep your league fees low by making an email transfer, instead of using VISA. Make the email transfer to Your security question should be your team name.



First game: Sunday, September 8th
Up to 13 Games (10 games + knockout playoffs)
Full-time $125 (Earlybird save $10 until August 4th, 2019)
Part-time $75 for 5 games + playoffs (Earlybird save $5).
Drop-in $15 for 1 game.
Free-trial offers 1 game trial absolutely free.

Individual/Free Agent - 1 Season